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Rekomendasi Aplikasi Saham untuk Pemula, Mudah dan Terdaftar OJK. | via
Rekomendasi Aplikasi Saham untuk Pemula, Mudah dan Terdaftar OJK. | via

3 Stock Apps for Beginners, Easy, Safe, Registered by OJK

If you want to learn to invest, there are many recommended stock apps for beginners that are worth a try. Even today these applications are easily accessible on each user’s cellphone.

This investment is carried out over a certain period with the aim of increasing the value invested. Examples of fund investments include mutual funds, stocks, bonds, deposits, and cryptocurrencies.

While investments in the form of valuable assets such as gold, land, jewelry, houses or a business. Both individuals and business entities can make investments according to their wishes.

3 Recommended Stock Apps for Beginners

If you want to start learning to make an investment, money is one form of answer. Money invested in the form of stocks is currently in high demand. You can start learning by using applications that can be accessed on mobile phones.

Since there are so many stock apps for beginners in circulation, it is important to pay attention to whether the app is registered with OJK. Where the application is already under supervision and integrated by the government through the OJK.

Investment itself is a form of capital investment in order to benefit from what is done. The invested capital itself can be in the form of money or other valuable assets.

If the application has been officially registered and supervised by the OJK, then there is no need to hesitate anymore. The following is a list of stock applications for beginners that have been registered with the OJK:

1. MotionTrade

The first application is MotionTrade. This application is one of the preferred securities of the Indonesian people. MotionTrade is suitable for beginners because it is very user friendly.

In addition, MotionTrade also provides a voice command feature that can make it easier for customers to make commands using voice. Whether it’s for buying and selling shares, checking stock prices, and reading news.

There is also the MNC Research feature, daily and periodic analysis presents information related to stocks based on the MNC Sekuritas research team. Making one of the reasons why MotionTrade is recommended as a stock application for beginners.

In addition to stocks in MotionTrade there is also mutual fund investment. Where there is FUNDS is a mutual fund supermarket. If you want to buy mutual funds, there are various choices from the best known investment managers.

Even interestingly in MotionTrade, mutual fund portfolios can be used as collateral for stock transactions. And of course, stock and mutual fund transactions can be done in just 1 application.

2. Stockbit

The next stock application for beginners is Stockbit. This security is still one of the favorites for stock investors. Besides its user friendly appearance, registration is also easy to do.

One of the excellent features of Stockbit is streams. This feature can be said to be the social media of investors. Because it can update status, send messages, and share information about stocks, issuers, or finance.

Even investors from other securities can also have discussions together. So it can be said that this stream feature is like social media for investors.

3. Tanamduit

Tanamduit is one of the recommended investment apps for beginners. This will be perfect for those of you who are new to investing with limited funds.

Because in Tanamduit securities there are no taxes and initial deposits. In addition, to make an investment, you only need Rp10,000.

In this Tanamduit application there are options for investing funds from stocks, state bonds, private bonds, and deposits. In addition, interestingly in the Tanamduit application there is also the purchase of SBN.

The purchase of SBN or Government Securities is one of the recommended choices for beginner investors. If you want to take a low risk, this is suitable because SBN does not experience or decrease in price.

Of the three stock applications that can be used by beginners, of course, have their own advantages and disadvantages. This can be adjusted to your budget and investment needs.

Know Inventation Tips to Be Successful

In addition to choosing a stock application for beginners, investing requires risk analysis. You must fully understand what risks will be faced in investment. Because each type has its own risks, both high and low.

You must also have clear financial goals after investing. What are the financial goals or achievements of the investment that has been made. In other words, you must have careful financial planning.

To make an investment, it is necessary to target the funds collected within a predetermined period. This will also affect the type of investment that will be chosen.

It is also important for beginner investors to be consistent and disciplined. This is necessary so that the financial plan that has been prepared can be achieved. For example, by investing regularly every month.

If you want to start an investment, don’t hesitate to take risks. Because currently there are various types of investments that can be adjusted for risk. Plus there are also many stock applications for beginners that are officially registered with the OJK.